Aug. 28th, 2004

So I've been looking at the livejournal community thebookyoucrew. I hate the name, it's stupid. I also dislike rating communities in general.

I saw people talking about it, and I went and looked. And I thought I saw what kind of books they liked and what kind of books they didn't.
And then I see a list with a book by Terry Pratchett on it and I think: "oh well, she's toast", becauseI have seen the kind of dismissive statements they make about books by Terry Pratchett in general and I go and look at the comments and - nada. Nobody mentions Terry Pratchett, nobody gets out their auto-ban. What the hell?
She sucks up to them. Saying 'even if you ban me, please recommend some books to me', and mentioning more than once how much she gets out of the community.
And she gets many challenges, and answers most of them satisfactorily. But the attitude. It's the oh you are so important and so clever, I wish I could be like you!
And not knowing languages. This is an important one. Two people who were too loud with knowing languages were just banned, no waiting for them to finish answering challenges, no politeness.
Well, the community seems to have no politeness, ever.
One posted a few names of books in Cyrillic writing in her list. And she shocked people and they got angry about it.
The other used a bit too much spanish, and quotes-in-the-original-language, though she did incclude a translation every time. And that too got on the maintainer's fears of inadequacy, so she was banned.
Nothing to do with the books they knew or didn't know. Much to do with the attitude. If someone treats themselves as an equal, doesn't kowtow, does not acknoledge the greatness that is OMG thebookyoucrew, they will get banned.

Apart from that, they mostly don't converse. They mention names, titles of books and names of authors, and that's it. Mostly. I have seen people mention books they hate, and books they hate seeing on application lists. I have not people mention books they like except in replies to lists and/or challenges and recommendations to people.

They like to feel elitist and smarter-than-thou. Knowing a language the moderator does not know gets an applicant banned. Not accepting them automatically as better than the applicant gets an applicant banned.

Those seem to be the rules. I like looking at names of books and recognising which I have read and thinking I must read all the others at some point. But it's not fun to read them, especially comments consisting of 'no.'. It is boring.



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