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Google: Spain, poetry, hebrew,
I'd use medeival if I knew how to spell it.

They wrote God-praising songs, and also completely decadent wine songs, and love songs. Some of them by men to men.

Yishaq ben Mar-Saul was born at Lucena, Spain. He apparently was the first Hebrew poet to have written in this genre. It should be noted that in both Hebrew and Arabic poetry of the period, "gazelle" (sevi) is a metaphore for a young male.

Gazelle desired in Spain wondrously formed,
Given rule and dominion over every living thing.
Lovely of form like the moon with beautiful stature
Curls of purple upon shining temple.
Like Joseph in his form like Adoniah his hair
Lovely of eyes like David, he has slain me like Uriah
He has enflamed my passions and consumed my heart with fire.
Because of him I've been left without understanding and wisdom.
Weep with me every ostrich and every hawk and falcon!
The beloved of my soul has slain me - is this a just sentence
Because of him my soul is sick, perplexed and yearning.
His speech upon my heart is like dew upon a parches land.
Draw me from the pit of destruction that I go down to Hell.

end quote

Heh. They have a whole index of people who are, or are/were rumoured to be, Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered. Hah.

I remember all the names of famous people coming up, talking to my gay friends when we were teenagers. The joy and shock of sharing who is and who isn't, the clearly obvious to the badly surprising, to the shock of the children's television actress.
(When the shock wore off it made sense, though).

Argh. Looking at Sephardic Jews and so on, 'Every time we say goodbye'- a movie with Tom Hanks when he was much much younger. And Gila Almagor, who by law has to appear in every film ever made in Israel. It's like Michael Caine in British films, or something.



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