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Nov. 16th, 2011 12:04 am
opinions- who'd have them

I follow Charlie Brooker on Twitter, and this past weekend, he was ranting a little about a particular ad.

This ad: John Lewis Christmas 2011 ad

Apparently some people had found it very moving - a great man people, moving to tears - and he seemed disgusted by it.

So, okay, he hangs out with people who are about media and watch a lot of television and see the ads and and so on, so he saw more links to the ad and reactions to the thing than I had done.

But he seemed to have formed a different opinion of it to the one I did.

The ad:
spoiler )
pondering the romanesco cauliflower - I shall sunder it into florettes, and then - do I fry it as is, or coat in egg, then breadcrumbs, then fry? Or egg and flour?

I am tending to divide the florettes in two and bread hald and fry the other half uncoated.

But that multiplies washing up, which is worse than multiplying entities, because dishes HAVE to be washed up.
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Sometimes I am just astonished that I have made it past age thirty.
The depression is pretty bad.

I posted an invite to do a thing - free tickets, easy to get to, short notice. No-one replied, not even to say 'I can't', 'wrong time for me' or 'I hate doing that, but you have fun'.

I stayed up all night, I do anyway some nights, but this night felt a bit like waiting for some kind of reply.
In the end, I collapsed just when it was time to go to the venue. I slept for about four or five hours. If I'd fallen asleep - if I had gone to bed during the night, or even as soon as it was morning - I could have maybe been awake for going to see the thing.
But I did not want to go alone.

So I stayed home and watched downloaded movies and television and played plants versus zombies and angry birds and high times and gemcraft -- all small in-browser 'casual games'.
And fell asleep when it was time to go out and slept through when it would have been.

And now I am hungry and it's four in the morning and I have been out to the shop - so glad I live near shops that are open until after midnight - and I have eaten biscuits. I meant to make food. I bought things to make food *with*.

Possibly I should look at how I feel: I feel lonely.
...So I signed in to this account to have a rant - during awake hours, daytime, before eight in the evening . And now I have had a break and had a meal and I don't feel quite so much like ranting any more. remarkable, that.

I wanted a cup of tea and he said he'd make me tea, he said he would make me tea yesterday, and he still hasn't. I have had tea a few times, one or two made by me, others made by the in-laws. But he hasn't made me one yet. It probably doesn't matter, in that I have had tea. It still does matter to me, though. I still count it.
You are bisexual. Yes, you are.
Possibly you have too much respect for women to actually get involved with one.
But the finding women attractive *and* finding men attractive? That's a huge clue, right there. Having sex with men might also be considered an clue.
I've started reading Harry Potter and the sixth volume, it's even bigger than before.


I've downloaded Supernatural season 1 and have watched the first episode and half the second episode.
It's odd, to hear the word 'bitch' being tossed around casually.
It's odd, to think I was having problems with the Battlestar Galactica (new version) pilot because I wasn't quite sure the women characters were entirely balanced with the men.
So far, in 'Supernatural', there have been three women characters who have died horribly, to drive the male characters and serve the plot.
And one woman who is still alive in the middle of episode two - but suddenly I'm much more worried about her.

Meanwhile, Battlestar Galactica has a woman President, a woman battle-hero flying ace, a woman of devious cunning and sexiness who was instrumental -in cleverness cunning, deviousness, smarts and manipulative sexiness - to put the enemies in the strong position they are now, and a woman of clashing loyalties. They're strong and interesting and each of them is different.

I'm going to buy some Battlestar Glactica, then.
What are you, New?
People use their livejournals in different ways. Once one gets the hang of it, creating new LJ-filters and editing old ones is Not Difficult.

...well, that was a shorter rant than I had thought I needed.

Oh, yeah: Merry Christmas, you idiot.
Pretend it's not all about you.

Don't acknowledge insults, don't get into fights.

Pretend they are talking about someone else.
So I've been looking at the livejournal community thebookyoucrew. I hate the name, it's stupid. I also dislike rating communities in general.

I saw people talking about it, and I went and looked. And I thought I saw what kind of books they liked and what kind of books they didn't.
And then I see a list with a book by Terry Pratchett on it and I think: "oh well, she's toast", becauseI have seen the kind of dismissive statements they make about books by Terry Pratchett in general and I go and look at the comments and - nada. Nobody mentions Terry Pratchett, nobody gets out their auto-ban. What the hell?
She sucks up to them. Saying 'even if you ban me, please recommend some books to me', and mentioning more than once how much she gets out of the community.
And she gets many challenges, and answers most of them satisfactorily. But the attitude. It's the oh you are so important and so clever, I wish I could be like you!
And not knowing languages. This is an important one. Two people who were too loud with knowing languages were just banned, no waiting for them to finish answering challenges, no politeness.
Well, the community seems to have no politeness, ever.
One posted a few names of books in Cyrillic writing in her list. And she shocked people and they got angry about it.
The other used a bit too much spanish, and quotes-in-the-original-language, though she did incclude a translation every time. And that too got on the maintainer's fears of inadequacy, so she was banned.
Nothing to do with the books they knew or didn't know. Much to do with the attitude. If someone treats themselves as an equal, doesn't kowtow, does not acknoledge the greatness that is OMG thebookyoucrew, they will get banned.

Apart from that, they mostly don't converse. They mention names, titles of books and names of authors, and that's it. Mostly. I have seen people mention books they hate, and books they hate seeing on application lists. I have not people mention books they like except in replies to lists and/or challenges and recommendations to people.

They like to feel elitist and smarter-than-thou. Knowing a language the moderator does not know gets an applicant banned. Not accepting them automatically as better than the applicant gets an applicant banned.

Those seem to be the rules. I like looking at names of books and recognising which I have read and thinking I must read all the others at some point. But it's not fun to read them, especially comments consisting of 'no.'. It is boring.
You are your body in this life, you choose to live as this body/in this body to learn what you need to learn in this life. This is where your energy goes, this is how you express your energy. There is no 'me' and 'my body'. It is all one, all of it is 'me'.

Your cat was little and it went away to teach you to take care of yourself. You needed to be alone to learn this, to make life good just for you, not for you and for other people, other creatures. You also needed to learn to care *for* yourself, to like this person, this body who is you.
You can trap yourself with competence and energy, to take care of other people, and forget yourself. Sometimes it's easier that way, it is easier to hide your needs and pretend you have no needs, and therefore are not needy.
But you do need things, and when you acknowledge it, you can supply many of your needs. You can nurture your garden and yourself, and yourself via your garden: make yourself happy by arranging things and making them grow, make yourself strong by carrying and planting and weeding, make yourself healthy by eating things you grow. It is all one. The garden is yours, and by claiming it and working it and planning and planting it, you are making it a part of you. Now you have body and soul and garden.

And your home is also being made into you. Part of your restlessness and lack-of-quiet at having strangers in your home, breaking and building and fixing, is that it is them building things and not you, but this is also something you are learning, to have other people build you and fix you and make you better. You know in the end it is you. You have to spend time alone in the house to make it part of you, too. You have to decide what there will be where, what colour, what shape.

It's all energy, you are rebuilding the world to suit you, you are building and destroying you to learn what you need to learn and to make things better for you. Or so I believe. It might all be pretentious bollocks.
I am not over analyzing.
It was my reaction, and I am just explaining *why* it was my reaction.

Gah. I hate getting defensive.
Google: Spain, poetry, hebrew,
I'd use medeival if I knew how to spell it.

They wrote God-praising songs, and also completely decadent wine songs, and love songs. Some of them by men to men.
Yishaq ben Mar-Saul was born at Lucena, Spain. He apparently was the first Hebrew poet to have written in this genre. It should be noted that in both Hebrew and Arabic poetry of the period, "gazelle" (sevi) is a metaphore for a young male.

Gazelle desired in Spain wondrously formed,
Given rule and dominion over every living thing.
Lovely of form like the moon with beautiful stature
Curls of purple upon shining temple.
Like Joseph in his form like Adoniah his hair
Lovely of eyes like David, he has slain me like Uriah
He has enflamed my passions and consumed my heart with fire.
Because of him I've been left without understanding and wisdom.
Weep with me every ostrich and every hawk and falcon!
The beloved of my soul has slain me - is this a just sentence
Because of him my soul is sick, perplexed and yearning.
His speech upon my heart is like dew upon a parches land.
Draw me from the pit of destruction that I go down to Hell.

end quote

Heh. They have a whole index of people who are, or are/were rumoured to be, Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered. Hah.

I remember all the names of famous people coming up, talking to my gay friends when we were teenagers. The joy and shock of sharing who is and who isn't, the clearly obvious to the badly surprising, to the shock of the children's television actress.
(When the shock wore off it made sense, though).

Argh. Looking at Sephardic Jews and so on, 'Every time we say goodbye'- a movie with Tom Hanks when he was much much younger. And Gila Almagor, who by law has to appear in every film ever made in Israel. It's like Michael Caine in British films, or something.
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